Reformed Reflections

Change on the Political Horizon 

David Bell and Lorne Tepperman claim in their book The Roots of Disunity: A Look at Canadian Political Culture that unlike the American political culture, Canada has been able to make room for conservative and socialist, as well as liberal perspectives, with the latter dominating Canadian society. And they argue that despite the variety of ideological traditions in Canada's political culture, no existing ideology appears able to solve our present problems, Their book, written in 1979, is pessimistic about the future. "People are ripe for a new ideology, yearning for belief, Let us hope that what Canadians eventually come to believe in will not take the nation even farther away from freedom and compassion." 

l believe, that Canada has become ripe for a new ideology. During the last federal election campaign voters vocalized their frustration with the existing political system. Never before have so many expressed such lack of faith in party leaders and platforms. Since so many Canadians are yearning for belief, Christians should use the current political malaise to show the Scriptural view of the state. 

Though our government has been elected by citizens, it is still God-ordained. All human authority comes from God and is answerable to God. Christians must remind the government that it holds office as the representative not only of the people, but also of God. This fact contains a warning; to those in authority. The government has no blanket authority. Home, school, church, economic and social organizations do not owe their origin to the State. They have their own sphere and task entrusted to them by God. Only insofar as any of these should overstep its limits, or endanger the welfare of other spheres, individuals or the State itself, has the government the right to intervene. The government has been instituted to provide a framework for order and justice, and for the enhancement of human well-being according to God's purpose. This is the positive force of Romans 13:4, which calls the government "God's servant, appointed to promote what is good." The government has the task to promote the general welfare of its citizens. This includes the material, cultural and physical wellbeing of society in general.  

In Canada the government provides for public welfare in various ways: old age pension, medical insurance, unemployment insurance. The government must. work toward a just and Compassionate society. But we won't have  such a society unless the sanctity of life is protected. Every living human, being, the living body that is formed when human life is conceived, is a living image' of the Almighty God, and is therefore of infinite worth.  

The intentional, deliberate killing of innocent human beings is an affront to God. A compassionate and just government promotes legislation to protect the unborn.


Johan D. Tangelder
August, 1994