Reformed Reflections

A Christian Mind  

In this century, there is no longer a Christian mind. In our approach to this world, the church has surrendered to secularism, and to the whims and wishes of the biggest crowd making the loudest noise. 

It is said that Christians should not become fanatical about their religion. We have been told that Christianity is a private affair. Many Christians have fallen for this line.

Look at the practices of many Christians today! What have their positions become? Their minds have become enslaved to the world. They don't think Christianly, but politically, pragmatically and so on. In other words, Christians have resorted to a materialistic, secular outlook on life. How should Christians think? 

1. A Christian should have his mind set upon God. He should look at the world from a different dimension. He has adopted a new way of thinking, and a new standard of values. He looks at life from the light of eternity. His standard is God's and not man's way of thinking. 

2. A Christian should remember that his concept of truth is different from that of anyone else. In this age, many regard truth as a brew you can concoct from human opinions. Everybody can give his or her opinion and then you are supposed to have truth. 

Truth in the Christian view, is not manmade. Truth is not manufactured. The gospel does not have its origin in man. Truth has its origin in God. The Christian believes that Christ is the fullness of truth. Thus, to think like a Christian is to think in terms of the Bible. Therefore, our whole mind should be framed by the teachings of the Word of God. 

3. A Christian thinks on the basis of the authoritative Word of God. As shown, the Christian has a different concept of truth than the man of the world. His starting point and the basis of all his thought should be the Holy Writ. 

Today, it is said that the church is outmoded and outdated. And, therefore, we should adapt our language to the language of the world. This means that we are called upon to do what the Romans do. This means that every time a new fashion or new idea comes around, the church must jump on the bandwagon and embrace the new idea, whether it is Biblical or not. What must the Christian say to all this? Should the Christian jump and embrace every idea which comes on the market? No! The Christian should say, I believe that the Christian faith is true, and that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God in this time, and it is the most urgent, inescapable need of the modern world to adapt itself to the church. 

The language of the church should not conform to the language of the world, but the language of the world should conform to the language of the church. The world must adapt herself to the church and not vice versa. This means that we as Christians must learn to speak the language of the Scriptures ourselves. 

This does not mean that we must speak in King James English, quoting Scripture verses all the time. No. This means that all of our thought life should be moulded and shaped by the authoritative Word of God. We must learn to speak on the basis of the Bible. And when we do this, we speak then as those who have crucified their old nature to the Cross and who are now in the newness of mind. Can the church with this attitude survive? Can we still survive as Christians who hold to the Bible? 

As a Christian, I would rather state it this way. Can the world survive? Can the world keep on going the way it is? The church will survive! It is too late for the world to destroy the church, 2,000 years too late. 

The world had its chance at that Friday when they tried and crucified Christ. The world was defeated and Christ was victorious. Now, the world stands under the judgment of the Word of God. Thus be mindful in this year of the Lord-1972- of the words of the apostle Paul: "Be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God."


Johan D Tangelder
January, 1972