Reformed Reflections

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A Strange Symbol of Hope
Christ's Victory Surprised Even His Followers
Christmas: The Greatest Good News Ever!
Easter Now and Not Yet
Easter -- Liberation Day
Easter Hope
Easter: The End of Lent
Eternal Life can be Found
From Bethlehem to Golgotha
Immanuel: God With Us
Jesus Christ is Alive!
Joy to the World: the Lord Has Come
Let us all say "He is my Lord and my God"
Mary Magdalene: The First Witness of the Resurrection
Mary's Saviour
Resurrection Life
Simeon's Prophetic Adoration
The Ascension of Jesus: Myth or Fact?
The Comfort of the Resurrection
The Light of Christmas
The Lord is Risen, Indeed!
The Forgotten Joseph
The Peace of Christmas
The Power of the Resurrection
The Prince of Peace
The Wonder of Christmas
We Serve a Risen Saviour
What is Christmas?
You are to give Him the name Jesus