Reformed Reflections

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A Christian Response to Reincarnation
Black Muslims
Church and Sect (1)
Church and Sect (2) The Origin of Sects
Eastern Religions Capture the Minds of Westerners
Exorcism: Sign of the Times
Faith Healing: - No. One
Faith Healing: A Biblical Response to Faith Healing
Faith Healing: Healing in the Atonement
Faith Healing: Psychic Surgery-Truth of Fakery?
Faith Healing: Three Prominent Faith-Healers
Faith Healing: in the 'Philippines
God's Kingdom and Success
Hinduism (Study)
Hinduism: A Religion to Live By
Iglesia ni Cristo
Jehovah Witnesses -Origin and History
Jehovah Witnesses-introduction
Jehovah Witnesses: Life-style
Jehovah Witnesses: Mission Methodology
Jehovah Witnesses: Theology
Mysticism and Christianity Compared
Native Spiritually
Occult: Invades the Unitarian Church
Pentecostalism's "Jesus Only" movement
Sects and Cults An Introduction
Sects and Cults Defined
Sects and Cults in Europe
Sects and Cults: Recommended Readings
Sects and Cults: The Insecure
The Divine Light Mission (DLM)
The Electronic Church
The Empire Builders: Herbert W. and Garner Ted Armstrong
The Hare Krishna Movement
The Health and Wealth Gospel
The Hindu View of Life
The Lure of Mysticism
The Search for Heaven's Gate Falls Short
The Unification Church (the Moonies)
Tibet's Buddhists Look for Inner Strength
Transcendental Meditation
Understanding Buddhism: A Way of Life and Thought by Nancy Wilson Ross
Zen Buddhism