Reformed Reflections

A Holiday From God
Are There Twelve Steps to Revival?
Charismatic Feelings
Christians in this Modern World
Conversion-1: The Year of the Evangelical
Conversion-2:Obstacles to Conversion
Conversion-3: Steps to Conversion
Conversion-4: Spiritual Experiences
Conversion-5: A life Changed
Cross Bearing
Death Has No Fear
Discipleship And Discipline
Living Life Led by the Spirit
Meditating on the Word of God
Message of Hope
Music in Worship
Pilgrim Journey to Israel
Reformed Spirituality
Seeking Another Pentecost
Spiritual Draught
Strivng for Holiness
That Your Joy May be Full
The Ability to Pray
The Charismatics
The Holy Spirit's Leading
The Importance of Prayer
The Legacy of the Sixties
The Problem of Fear
The "Toronto Blessing" 
The Why of Suffering
Time for Revival in the Church
To Know the Living Christ
To Read a Book: a Gift From God
True Vacation: A Meditation
Zeal for Knowledge