Reformed Reflections

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A Changing Theology for Changing Times?
Actualistic vs. Propositional Revelation
As the World Changes So Words Change Meaning
Confessing Churches in Confusing Times-1 A Covenant of Ordination for Office-bearers in the CRCNA
Confessing Churches in Confusing Times-2 The Present As A Mirror
Confessing Churches in Confusing Times-3 Controversies then, Controversies Now
Confessing Churches in Confusing Times-4 New Creeds?
Confessing Churches in Confusing Times-5 The Function of Confessions
Confessing Churches in Confusing Times-6- The Past as a Mirror
Confessing Churches in Confusing Times-7 The Relevance of Form of Subscription
Creeds In Crisis
Defending Inerrancy in Our Day
Dispensationalism -- Darby and Scofield
Dispensationalism-2- Modern Dispensationalism--What does it teach?
Does Theology Still Have a Future?
Earthquakes: Signs of the Times
Erasmus and Modern Theology
Europe Needs to Search for God
God's Answer to Your Problem
Has Sin and Repentance Left the Pulpits?
In the Beginning Is God
Jesus is Not a Cool Cat
John Calvin on Church Unity
Joy: A Scarce Commodity
Learning from the Church Fathers (Series)
Let My People Live: Faith and Struggle in Central America,
Liberation Theology - Conclusion
Liberation Theology -1- A restructured society
Liberation Theology -2- Seeds Of Conflict
Liberation Theology -3- The Class Struggle
Liberation Theology -4-Sin and Liberation
Liberation Theology -5- What Do You Think of Christ?
Limiting the Sovereignty of God
No Fence Around the Pulpit !
Not All Roads Lead To God!
Notes on Apostolic Succession and Laying on of Hands
Prepare oh Bride: Christ is coming Again
Reflections on the Second Service
Reformation Confessions: Their Relevance In Our Postmodern World
Reformation and Revival Still are Needed Today
Renewal in Mainline Churches
The 125th Anniversary of the Disruption
The Bible School Movement
The Bible is its Own Defence
The CCRCC's Plan to Join the CCC
The Complete Church
The Concordance: Product of the Reformation
The Cross: Life's Most Powerful Symbol
The Fear of Death
The Hope of Christ's Coming Again
The Road from Hell... with the best of intentions
The Subtle Power of Satan
Theological Trends in Asia
Theology, God and the Bible
There Must be a Hell
Time-Boundness of Scripture-1
Time-Boundness of Scripture-2
Trouble Ahead for the Reformed Ecumenical Synod
Universalism, the Cross and the Crescent
Vital Issues of Life!
We Could Use Some More Dogmatists
What Is Fundamental - What Is Nonessential in the Church?
What we Believe
Without the Church of Christ, Peace is Unattainable
Yes! The Devil is Still Real