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A Christian Perspective on Healthcare
A Cosmic View of the Holy Spirit
Abortion: We Dare Not Remain Silent!
Alcohol on the Mind
An Ancient Vice
Biblical Teachings on Marriage and Family
Blessed Are The Peacemakers
Celebrating the Lord's Day (1)
Celebrating the Lord's Day (2)
Christians Do Not Have A Price
Church Doctrines
Commitment? Who, Me?
Covetousness is Greed
Created for Worship
Cyril Lucaris (1572-1638): The "Calvinist" Patriarch
Dating and Marriage
Dealing with death, in the Church
Development of a Christian Life Style
Evangelical or Reformed?
Evangelism and Election
Family Life is Important
Fighting for Peace: The endless Arab-Israeli Conflict
Forgiveness Must Be Earned

Freedom of Religion

Growing Old Gracefully
Guilt Leads to Frustration
Happiness Is... 
How Do We Face Suffering?
How Silent were the Churches?
I'm Getting Old 1and 2
Jesus:One Way or One of Many Ways?
John Calvin on Church Unity
Life Is God?s Gift To Man
Martin Luther and John Calvin
Moral Decay
No Final Exit
Our Spiritual Enemies
Personal Devotions: They are vital for spiritual growth... and they are often overlooked."
Preserve The Sabbath: Case In Point
Proper Basis For Business
Racism In Canada
Reaching Generation - X
Reading Films
Reflections on Poverty 
Searching for a Perfect World
Spirituality (Index)
Testing the Spirits of our Times
The Antithesis Series Index
The Arts in Our Popular Culture
The Blessedness Of Old Age
The Church and State Conflict in China (1)and
(2) Le Christiannisme En Chine Aujourd'Hui
The Cross and the Crescent in Egypt
The Dark Clouds of Depression (1)

Spiritual Depression (2)

The Doctrine of Election

The End Times
The Erosion of Civility
The Fear of the Lord
The Grand Miracle
The Inerrancy of Scripture
The Loss of Responsibility
The New Morality
The Role of Elders and Deacons
The Second Coming: A Reformed Perspective
The Significance of Profession of Faith
The Starbuckization of the Church
The Tale of Two Cities
The Two Adams
The Wonder of Beauty
Vengeance Belongs to the Lord
We Shall Overcome
What Is Fundamental and What Is Nonessential in the Church?
What is Biblical Spirituality
What's At Stake?
Whatever Became Of Sin?
Who Controls the Weather?
Why Be Pessimistic
Why Work?
Work - Christian Service